“Maxus” Large Jon Boat

600 cm x 220 cm – Fishing Jon Boat – CNC Plans

Build a boat yourself. Plywood fishing and recreational boat, Jon Boat type – plans for independent construction. High stability and an almost flat bottom are the advantages of this boat.

Technical data:

  • Hull length: 6.0 m
  • Hull width 2.2 m
  • Water line length: 5.45 m
  • Water line width: 1.85m
  • The weight of the boat itself: 350 kg
  • Draft max. water line: 18 cm
  • Displacement up to KLW: 1215 kg
  • Crew: max 5 people
  • Design category „C”
  • 6 lockers
    • 1 alt
    • 1 bow
    • 2 on each sides
  • Transom inclination angle 12 degrees
  • Transom height 508mm (foot “L”)
  • Outboard engine: max 60 HP
  • Airtight displacement chambers – 1685 liters in total
    • Chamber in the floor – 2 x 386 liters
    • Chamber in the beak – 1 x 335 liters
    • Two stern compartments – 2 x 178 liters
    • Two compartments on the sides / rear – 2 x 111 liters

Plans avalible from 45 USD

KIT – Cut parts for the boat – on request

Complete boat – on request.

"Maxus" large jon boat
“Maxus” large jon boat

When it comes to the outdoors, there’s nothing quite like getting out on the water in a jon boat. And what’s even better? Building your own! With this Large Plywood Jon Boat kit, you can create a vessel that comfortably fits up to 5 people – perfect for fishing trips with friends or family outings. Imagine cruising through calm waters with the sun beating down on your face and wind whipping through your hair as you cast out your line and reel in fish after fish. This DIY project isn’t just about building a boat – it’s about creating memories that will last a lifetime. Whether you’re an experienced woodworker or just starting out, this kit is easy to assemble and customize to fit all of your needs. So grab some friends, fire up those power tools, and get ready for adventure on the high seas (or at least the nearest lake). The possibilities are endless with this versatile jon boat – where will it take you next?